SNAPP Full Architectural Services

This service is the next step. Full Architectural Services are suitable when:

  1. The Client has ownership of the property or written permission from Owner to undertake the works.

  2. Financing for the construction and the required professional team is in place.

  3. There is a firm idea of the required date for occupation.

If you are not quite ready yet, ask us to call you back with a Free 15 minute Consultation, to determine the best professional service package for your particular project.




The Full Architectural Service package allows us to make the process as simple as possible for you. We work with you from inception all the way to occupation, ensuring not only that your project is designed well, but is implemented correctly and with quality in mind.


In order to give you an accurate quotation, we would need to know a little bit more about your project. Use this list to help you populate Your Full Architectural Services Brief or Query Form

  1. An idea of the type of project, size or anticipated budget

  2. Whether it is a new building/development or work to an existing building.

  3. When you are hoping to have the project completed or if you are looking at a phased development

  4. Project priorities for you or your Organization

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WE find that a casual 1 hour conversation (REAL WORLD or via telecoms) about your project yields the best outcomes.

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