Business Process OutsourcING Park



Year: Current

SNAPP Team: Sonja; Patrick; Bruce; Jané; Clare; Yvette


This significant and visionary project was proposed by the City of Tshwane as a means for revitalizing a disadvantaged community on the urban periphery, which is seriously in need of employment opportunities and community empowerment. The brief was to design an iconic building to be repeated in planned stages, within a verdant campus environment. This would accommodate a variety of diverse “call centres”, to be occupied by multiple businesses.

The clients were presented with a number of options ranging from the very contextual and historically responsive, to the ultra-modern iconic building concept which was eventually chosen. The design borrowed from the slightly curved triangular forms found in the existing buildings on the site and re-imagine these in different areas of the structural and architectural design. This can be seen in the curved “wish-bone”-like columns which support the second level above an open informal seating area. The forms can also be seen in the shape of the entrance foyer as well as the eastern wing of the building.

An intensive interior design investigation focused on the need for a bright vibrant space as relief from the high stress activities of the media centers. The interior layout also needed to be flexible and easily divisible with shared resources, board rooms and training areas for multiple occupants.

Photography : Bruce McLean