Completed: 2018

SNAPP Team: Sonja; Patrick; Bruce; Clare;

Bruce; Claudia

The brief for the design proposal of the Cape Town Warehouse Development, called for a warehousing and distribution facility intended for multi-tenant use and to play a pivotal role in the immediate context, being in close proximity to Cape Town International Airport.

With the focus of the project being return on investment; the design had to maximise site development rights, while allowing for practical and unencumbered flow.

The design proposal was strongly influenced by the facilities position on the corner of a major intersection, and the marketing and branding opportunities that came with that location.

A curved footprint which follows the natural form of the site was devised as the most efficient method of maximizing the buildable area while still allowing for vehicular circulation around the entire site and direct access to loading areas.

An office component on the northern side of the building allows for optimal natural lighting passive thermal comfort and a striking façade facing the prominent intersection. The vertical fins and playful colour provide a movement and rhythm to the façade as it is approached by motorists and seen by air.

Careful consideration was given to vehicular circulation and turning circles on site with ample parking and an allowance for future workshops and a wash bay should the Client require this at a later stage.

Flows are equally considered on the level of internal space planning. The communication, visual connection and circulation between warehouse and office are achieved through the overlapping of space and function. Staff facilities include ablutions, cafeteria, gym and five overnight rooms as well as provision for a dispatch “tower” in the future.

An important aspect of this project is that it did not only address the Client’s brief for current circumstances, but also considered future use, growth and how the architecture could contribute to the marketability of this investment project.